Human Rights

The State of Facial Recognition in Australia

Our guest for this episode is Andrew McAlister, a Data Ethics & Privacy Expert. Today, Australia stands out as the only democracy to use facial recognition technology to enforce COVID-19 restrictions. The private sector is participating too. Last year, 7-Eleven in Australia collected the facial prints of 1.6 million customers without their knowledge or consent….

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Captology or Computers as Persuasive Technology- Part 3

Special thanks to Prof. Debbie Haski-Leventhal and Cameron Bogatez for sharing their experience with addictive technology for this episode. In the third and final installment of the Captology mini-series, Manal and Reinhardt examine the profound and terrifying impacts that have come from Big Tech using Capatology tactics on children, parents and the average person. In…

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Captology or Computers as Persuasive Technology- Part 2

In our second installment of the Captology mini-series Manal and Reinhardt drill down into several of the specific tactics and techniques that technologists use to hold us captive. We look at how the Like and Share buttons were not just quaint additions to the social media landscape but rather, very deliberate and slick missiles that targeted our human desire…

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Captology or Computers as Persuasive Technology – Part 1

There is a battle raging, fought without guns or bombs and not for land or resources… This is a battle for our attention. Big Tech companies are competing for our attention in clever ways and desperately want more and more. If you’re wondering why your children throw tantrums if you ask them to get off…

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Australia vs the World in Digital Rights with Angus Murray

How does Australia compare to the rest of the world on privacy and digital rights? With Angus Murray, VP of QLD Council for Civil Liberties

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State of Surveillance: Pegasus Targeting Freedom of Speech

“They listen to and see everything on your smartphone as if they are next to you. No end-to-end encryption, no privacy settings, no secure connection can stop them. There is nowhere to hide”.

… how could the Saudi government possess such advanced tools to break even encrypted connections?

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