Hello Africa: Bitcoin for Freedom and How to Use Tech to Fight Human Traffickers and Save Hostages – Part 1

In our special coverage of the 2023 Oslo Freedom Forum Manal and I got to meet some truly inspirational African delegates who are shaping the way technology serves human rights on the African continent.  

From the emerging power house that is Machankura we sat down with Noelyne Sumba and Kgothatso Ngako – both brilliant innovators doing some powerlifting with bitcoin to serve the human rights of their fellow citizens and African neighbors. They translate bitcoin learning materials into native African languages, and found a way to own and store bitcoin, even if you don’t have an internet connection, or a smartphone, or even a crypto account – talk about innovation!!!! These young tech-guns are leading the way…. 

And, you would be hard pressed to find a more dedicated warrior in the fight for human rights than Meron Estefanos. Meron’s nickname is “The Huntress of Human Traffickers”, she brought fifteen human traffickers to justice, helped to save thousands of Eritreans from drowning in the Mediterranean and helped negotiate the release of hostages who were kidnapped and held at ransom. Forget Arnie and Stallone… Meron is the ULTIMATE badass. Manal sat down to speak with Meron about AI, human trafficking and so much more. 

Tune in for this absolutely unmissable episode from Season 3 of Tech4Evil. 

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Music and media production by Reinhardt Sosin.

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