The Truman Show Meets the Office: Employee Surveillance Apps and other Worrying Tech

Having a coffee or a beer this weekend? So are we…

Join Manal and Reinhardt as we cover the latest news and developments from around the world. If you’re interested to see what Big Tech, Social Media Giants and other evil-doers are up to then please sit back and enjoy our coverage of the latest news and developments.

On our very first Beer & Coffee episode format, we ask… is your boss looking at your computer screen? Why does the private Israeli NSO group have the French President’s mobile phone number? …does the EU care about biometric surveillance and why is Big Tech trying to make money off of our emotions?

Pour your favorite latte, blow the froth off of your last lager for the week and join Manal and Reinhardt on today’s episode of Tech For Evil….

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How credible is your news?

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The grandfather of World Wide Web is stepping up

Music and media production by Reinhardt Sosin.

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