Our Chemical Romance with Dating Apps

Dating apps have radically reshaped the modern romance landscape. How we present ourselves and find other people on the dating market is now filtered through a digital lens. Dating Apps have turned the art of finding a partner into an online shopping experience very different from the raw, face-to-face courtship the previous generation had.

But what about the companies that make dating apps? How do the apps work? What is the science behind them? Are the dating apps really trying to find us our soul mate or is there something more sinister going on?

In this Episode of Tech4Evil Manal and Reinhardt examine the rise of dating apps, their origin story and the science that keeps us swiping obsessively. We also look at how these apps might take very personal information like our salary, religion and sexual orientation and send it on to third parties you never knew about. And what about the terrifying new things dating apps have brought us like addictive behaviors, harassment, deception, exploitation and even a rise in sexual assault? Is the price we’re paying to find our match too high?

Join Manal and Reinhardt as we explore the world of dating apps, find out what YouTube has to do with dating apps, how much money we spend on these apps annually and how they might make our love lives sick. Don’t miss this important episode and join the growing movement that is taking back our digital agency and fighting to keep tech good! For young and old and for our collective digital future.

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Music by Reinhardt Sosin. Media production by East Coast Studio.

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